March Compact 2.5-25x42 Illuminated,March Compact 2.5-25x42 Illuminated,March Compact 2.5-25x42 Illuminated -
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March Compact 2.5-25x42 Illuminated

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March Compact 2.5-25x42 Illuminated

The March Compact Tactical 2.5-25x42 Riflescope is a highly versatile low power variable optic designed for daytime use and features a tactical style FD-2 illuminated reticle. The scope is built on a 30mm main tube, weighs in at 21.87 oz., and 12.36” long making it a great option for a modern sporting rifle.

Features of the March Compact Tactical 2.5-25x42 Riflescope

  • Compact & Lightweight
  • 28 Mil Elevation & Windage
  • Exposed Turrets & Zero-Lock


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