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Docter | Noblex

Docter | Noblex

Noblex | Docter Optics

Noblex | Docter Optics originated from Carl Zeiss factories and was later bought by Bernhard Docter post World War II. It offers optical sighting instruments like telescopic sights, spyglasses, reflex sights and night vision devices along with a powerful illumination technology. Its high-performance optical systems are especially crafted to cater to the needs of the premium segment. Optical precision, high quality standards and fine mechanical precision are the pillars on which its high-performance products are based. Available Docter Optics categories include:

Docter Optic Binoculars

Premium observation tools for hunters, shooters and nature lovers. Manufactured in Germany, incorporating only the best optical components.

Docter Optic Riflescopes

Premium riflescopes for hunting and other applications. Manufactured in Germany, highlighted by their precise matching of mechanics and optical system, and outstanding imaging performance.

Docter Red Dot Sights

Premium non-magnifying reflector sights for weapons that work quicker for target acquisition and lend the user an aiming point in the form of an illuminated red dot.

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