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Manurhin Revolvers

Manurhin Revolvers

Manurhin revolvers are considered to be one of the best in the world, and are used by both hardcore competition shooters and law enforcement professionals including France’s legendary GIGN counter-terrorism units. Despite the popularity of higher capacity service pistols, the GIGN continue to use Manurhin revolvers as their standard sidearm. This is due in part to the MR73’s ability to stand up to the GIGN’s intense training regiment that involves firing 150 rounds during daily target practice. Manurhin revolvers get their high degree of accuracy and ruggedness from the use of top quality materials and strict manufacturing guidelines. The cylinder’s chambers are finished with an impact process that makes them “glass-smooth” and remarkably durable. The barrel is cold hammer forged, which greatly increases the density of the steel to ensure a long service life.

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