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Franchi Shotguns

Franchi Shotguns

Franchi’s history goes as far back as 1868. This Italian firearms manufacturer built its reputation with innovative hunting shotguns, most notably the Franchi 48 AL, introduced in 1948 and regarded as a game-changing development.

All Franchi semi-automatic shotguns utilize Franchi’s proprietary Inertia Driven system. This impressive recoil system is not a gas operated system; rather it relies on the recoil generated by firing a round to cycle the next round. The Inertia Drive system does not require adjusting, nor does it require maintenance; the only moving parts are the rotating bolt head, inertia spring, and bolt body. This makes the system lighter, which means faster shots, and cleaner, which means you’ll spend more time in the woods and less time cleaning your gun.

Franchi Shotgun Models:

  • Franchi Affinity: Semi-automatic hunting shotguns that utilize the Inertia Driven system. 12 gauge only with black synthetic, Realtree APG, or Realtree MAX-4 stock.
  • Franchi Instinct: Over/under double barrel shotguns that include A-grade satin walnut stocks (AA-Grade for Instinct SL models), case colored receiver (polished aluminum for Instinct SL models), available in 12 or 20 gauge. Modern reliability hidden beneath classic Italian styling.
  • Franchi 48AL: First offered to the public in 1948, this is the shotgun that cemented Franchi’s status as a builder of lightweight, reliable, and stylish semi-automatic hunting shotguns. Available in 20 gauge only.
  • Franchi Fenice: Part of Franchi’s World Class line, this 20 gauge 2-3/4" autoloading shotgun was built around the proven design of the 48AL, but includes premium features such as a chrome-plated bolt, gold inlay, engraved nickel-plated receiver, and a figured stock made of AA European walnut.
  • Franchi Veloce: Another offering from Franchi’s World Class line, the Veloce is a 20 gauge over/under 2-3/4" shotgun with a nickel-plated machined alloy receiver, engraved and inlaid with gold game birds. Includes an AA oil-finished walnut stock and fine line checkering on the fore and rear grip.

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