Blaser Rifles

Blaser Rifles

The function and practical value of a firearm is in no way influenced by its appearance, whether engraved and made with rare high-grade wood or produced in a plain standard version. Hunters recognize that the firearm is much more than a tool though and their emotional investment in its appearance clearly demonstrates how closely the inspiration to hunt is linked to their reverence for nature and its creations. Ultimately the firearm reflects the hunter’s personality, depicts his way of hunting and embodies his passion.

Blaser Rifle Models

  • Blaser R8: Blaser merges technical perfection with classical elegance in their newest bolt action modular repeating rifle. Introduced in 2008, the Blaser R8 is considered by many to be the best hunting rifle of all time. The R8 system is completely customizable via an interchangeable catalog of barrels, bolts, stocks, and magazines. A single rifle can be changed between any caliber from .222 Remington to .375 H&H in a matter of minutes. Larger calibers such as .458 Lott and .500 Jeffery are also possible.
  • Blaser R93: Predecessor of the R8, this rifle set the standard for take down hunting rifles since it’s introduction. For many, there will never be a rifle to take it’s place.
  • Blaser S2: Double rifle chambered in calibers to .500 NE. Modern design allows for regulation of barrels.
  • Blaser K95: A classic single shot break action rifle favored by mountain hunters and other purists.
  • Blaser B97: An over/under rifle or combination rifle shotgun popular for driven hunts.
  • Please take a few moments to look over the in stock selection of Blaser rifles listed on this page. For a complete selection of Blaser rifles, click the link for the models listed below.

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    Blaser USA Product Catalog Blaser R8 2012 Brochure Blaser R8 Manual
    Blaser K95 Brochure Blaser K95 Manual Blaser S2 Manual
    Blaser R93 Manual Blaser B97 Manual Blaser Tac2 Manual

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