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Blaser S2 Rifles

Blaser S2 Rifles

The S2 is all Blaser, completely versatile, extremely resilient and very stylish. Each Blaser S2 features a manual cocking system, direct triggers, and a robust action and barrel finish. Designed to accept the Original Blaser saddle mount, scoping your rifle will take less than ten seconds and at no extra charge. And unlike other double rifles that have fixed regulation, the S2 system is capable of being adjusted; so the days of a rifle not regulating are over. Also consider that barrel combinations can be changed.

For example, the S2 safari models for sale below will accept standard barrels as well as any other S2 barrel set with little or no gunsmithing. Safari model caliber selections include .375 HH Magnum, .500/416 Nitro Express, .470 Nitro Express and .500 Nitro Express. Comfortable shooting is assured with a- Kickstop installed in every Blaser Safari model, while solid steel sights combined with a 1500 g trigger pull allow every shooter to take full advantage of these extremely accurate rifles. Before delivery, skilled Blaser technicians test every S2 at 100 meters with an assembled scope ensuring the accuracy and flawless function that all Blaser owners have become accustomed to.

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