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Blaser R93 Rifles

Blaser R93 Rifle

The uniquely designed Blaser R93 is certainly a rifle, but may be more aptly described as a system. It is modular in that all the barrels, bolt housing (right and left), bolt heads, and stocks are interchangeable. That’s right; one can take a right hand R93, remove the bolt housing and bolt and replace it with a left-hand bolt housing and left-handed bolt. This certainly raises possibilities in a family where one member (I am left-handed) shoots from the wrong shoulder.

Blaser R93 Features:

  • R93 Manual cocking system: Immediately prior to firing a shot, the firing pin spring is cocked by pushing the safety slide forward. This movement is virtually silent and will not alert game to your presence. If no shot is fired, simply return the safety slide to its original position for maximum safety.
  • Blaser Straight-pull bolt action: The locking system of the Blaser R93 bolt is in a straight line without rotational movement in the barrel, givingit an edge when it comes to accuracy and speed.
  • Direct triggers: Blaser’s direct triggers are legendary throughout the world.Renowned for being the best contribution to an expert shot, they make set triggers an unnecessary risk factor.
  • Robust action and barrel finish: Blaser anodizes the surface of the action and nitrates the barrels, using an environmentally friendly procedure, to provide maximum protection against corrosion and damage.
  • Original Blaser saddle mount: The tension-free assembly directly above the chamber does not affect the swinging of the barrels, and ensures that the strength and repeating accuracy of the saddle mount are unsurpassed.
  • Disassembly: Blaser rifles can be dismantled and reassembled very quickly. A shifting of the point of impact is not an issue once the rifle has been adjusted properly. Blaser carrying cases are elegant andvery popular. Your rifle will be fully protected and virtually inconspicuous in the compact shell.
  • Diversity: A standard rifle can be adapted to suit the most challenging requirements simply by exchanging barrels or choosing a different caliber.

Blaser R93 barrel specifications Blaser R93 barrel specifications

Blaser R93 Eastmans article Blaser R93 Eastmans article

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