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Meopta Optika6 5-30x56 FFP

Meopta Optika6 5-30x56 FFP

Meopta Optika6 5-30x56 FFP Rifle Scopes are designed especially for those competition & precision long-range shooters who want to hit targets every time they take a shot. These scopes provide their users with the ultimate edge-to-edge clarity & resolution at all distances, thanks to the two elements of ED glass in the objective lens. Meopta Optika 6 5-30x56 FFP Scopes come with large, 34mm main tubes, providing shooters with a wide elevation & windage adjustment range, which in turn helps in easy correction for changing field conditions. This FFP configuration Meopta Optika 6 5-30x56 Scopes feature exposed windage as well as zero-stop elevation that you can reset to zero. As Optika 6 5-30x56 FFP riflescopes have side parallax adjustment, you can make the precise long-range shot placement. The reticle options available are BDC Dichro, Z-plex, MRAD RD, 6.5CM RD, .308 RD, and MilDot3. Take a look at the available models of Meopta Optika6 5-30x56 FFP Scopes for sale at

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