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Vectronix | Safran Vectronix | Optics 1

Vectronix | Safran Vectronix | Optics 1

Vectronix Review

If it is about state-of-the-art solutions for observation as well as geo-location in relentless field conditions, Vectronix it is! The Swiss company is renowned for manufacturing military specification laser range finders, binoculars and night vision devices that are comprehensive and accurate. Several Vectronix binoculars, rangefinders and vision systems are used by the United States military along with Homeland Security. They are built to tolerate abuse in the toughest of environments, without ceasing to be some of the most capable and precise measuring instruments available.

Vectronix Rangefinders In Stock

  • Vectronix Terrapin: A laser rangefinder that is rugged, milspec and compact. It ranges to a remarkable 2400 meters and is water resistant for 60 minutes in one meter of water. Vectronix Terrapin weighs only a little over a pound due to its light aluminum housing.
  • Vectronix PLRF10: Vectronix PLRF10 is highly competent and effective. It is built to military specifications and comes with a range from 5 meters to 2.5 kilometers.
  • Vectronix PLRF15C: Vectronix PLRF15C is a laser rangefinder that can measure up to 3 kilometers apart from measuring azimuth, elevation, and cant angle, in addition to height difference between user and target. The device comes with a built in 360 degree digital magnetic compass.
  • Vectronix PLRF25C: Vectronix PLRF25C is the latest model of Vectronix PLRF that can measure distances up to 4 kilometers.
  • Vector IV: Vector IV rangefinder is a premium rangefinding binocular that comes with a built-in digital compass. It is capable of measuring distances to 6 km.
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