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Swarovski Z8i/Z8i+ 1-8x24

Swarovski Z8i/Z8i+ 1-8x24

The Swarovski Z8i/Z8i+ 1-8x24 rifle scopes stand at the pinnacle of optical engineering, tailored to meet the demands of driven hunts and stalking expeditions with unmatched precision. Both versions offer an exceptional 1x magnification, ensuring a wide, clear field of view that captures the essence of the hunting action. The Swarovski Z8i+ 1-8x24 takes the experience a step further, providing an impressive 50 meters/100 meters (150 feet/100 yards) field of view, offering hunters an immersive perspective that enhances situational awareness to a remarkable extent.

These scopes are equipped with illuminated reticles, enabling hunters to make swift, accurate decisions even in rapidly changing scenarios. With a field of view of 42.5 meters (127.5 feet) for the Swarovski Z8i 1-8x24 version, and an expanded 50 meters (150 feet) for the Swarovski Z8i+ 1-8x24 rifle scope, these scopes ensure the best possible overview of the hunting action. Swarovski's commitment to optical excellence shines through, providing hunters with a tool that not only magnifies their vision but elevates their hunting experience. Whether on a driven hunt or a stalking expedition, the Swarovski Z8i 1-8x24 rifle scopes are the ultimate companions, offering unmatched clarity, precision, and versatility for hunters who demand the best.

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