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Sako Rifles

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Sako Rifles

Sako Rifles have acquired a legendary status for bringing on board extreme levels of accuracy and dependability. The name in itself belongs to the league of the most prestigious rifle and cartridge labels in the world. It highlights the coming together of advanced technology and traditional gunsmith craftsmanship in the best way. .

The Sako firearms lineup comprises Sako Tactical Rifles, Sako Hunting Rifles, Sako TRG, Sako 85 (which happens to be the most advanced turn-bolt action rifle in the world), and a diverse selection of rifles to complement the user's hunting style or use, and exceed his expectations. The complete list of Sako firearms models is as follows:

Sako TRG-22
Chambered in .260 Remington and .308 Winchester, this one is a short action field tactical precision rifle.

Sako TGR-42
Similar to Sako TRG-22 but equipped with a long action chambered in 300 Winchester Magnum and 338 Lapua magnum.

Sako Finnlight
Crafted on a stainless action with shorter fluted barrel along with soft touch synthetic stock.

Sako Bavarian
The quintessential European style with one set trigger is replicated on a Sako 85 blued action with round barrel.

Sako Bavarian Carbine
Same classic style and layout like the Sako Bavarian, with a full length stock as the main difference.

Sako Black Bear
Manufactured on the Sako 85 blued action and barrel, comes with a semi heavy fluted barrel along with a composite stock.

Sako Classic
Blued action and round barrel that flaunts a classic walnut stock which in turn has a rosewood tip.

Sako Grey Wolf
Crafted on a stainless action with a round barrel and grey wood laminated stock, this one's the all-condition rifle.

Sako Kodiak
Same like the Sako Grey Wolf. Chambered in 375 HH magnum and 338 Winchester magnum, differentiating features include a shorter barrel and open sights.

Sako Varmint
The short action stainless steel Sako 85 action that is chambered in 204 Ruger to 308 Winchester, and available with a heavy fluted barrel.

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