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Gunwerks - G7

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Gunwerks - G7

Gunwerks was established in 2006 and tested in Absaroka mountain ranges, Wyoming. It has since then incorporated most advanced methods and focused on developing long-range shooting systems like rifles and rangefinders.

Gunwerks G7 is known for its Gunwerks Rangefinder rangefinder series that is capable of measuring and calculating ballistic solution in the most difficult shooting situations. The series amalgamates the attributes of rangefinder with that of a handheld ballistic computer along with a weather station and an angle measurement instrument. To add more, it can be conveniently programmed for ballistic coefficient, muzzle velocity, zero range, and sight height.

The Gunwerks handheld laser rangefinders provide precise measurement at increasingly distant ranges, taking into account aspects like air density changes, shooting at different elevations and temperatures, point of impact shift from shooting on an incline, and more. They are further complemented by Nearest Target, Farthest Target, Strongest Target, and Continuous Ranging modes which ensure target identification in poor light and extreme weather conditions.

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