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Elcan SpecterTR

Elcan SpecterTR is a triple field of view rifle sight that takes ahead the brand’s tradition of outstanding optical performance and in the field ruggedness. It is the first of its kind for shooting sport and other professionals. The compact Specter TR 1/3/9x magnification scope lends shooters the proper level of magnification needed for various types of scenarios on AR style platforms. Its distinctive three field of view design heightens combat effectiveness by bringing on board precision close quarter, mid range, and long range engagement ability. The magnification switches rapidly and without any hassle using a 3-position dial mounted on the side of the optical housing.

The 1x FOV of the Elcan SpecterTR for sale offers a 16° viewing angle along with an immensely fast, ’both eyes open’ target acquisition capability that’s enhanced by a red aiming dot and 70 mm (or more) eye relief. The 3x FOV transforms the device into a 3x-magnified sight with a field of view of 6° and range compensating reticle along with precision mid range marksmanship ability. The 9x FOV renders amazingly clear 2° viewing angle that paves the way for great long range target detection, identification, and engagement ability. In addition to that, the user enjoys unequalled advantage on the battlefield owing to the sight’s durability, versatility, and extra-long eye relief. The Elcan SpecterTR, also known as SpecterTR Tri-FOV weapon sight, is available in a lightweight 1264 mm, 829 gram (scope as well as mount) telescopic unit.

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