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Barrett Bors System for Nightforce Scopes

Barrett Optical Ranging System (BORS) for Nightforce Scope is one of the most unique accessories that you can complement your rifle scope with. Made primarily to endure military operations, it is an unified ballistics computer that leaves nothing to chance! It can be mounted directly onto the optical instrument and coupled to the elevation knob to get started.

The Barrett Optical Ranging System draws from multiple tables and takes into account a host of real-time external factors to accomplish data work and help the user focus on achieving first round hits. Using this device is easy as post determination of the the range to target, the elevation knob has to be turned until the BORS screen tallies with the target's distance. The device’s internal sensors then automatically measure the ballistic solution. To add more, the system makes up for temperature and barometric pressure, and also computes angle cosine and exhibits rifle cant.

Barrett Optical Ranging System for Nightforce is tough and capable of operating with a host of scopes, calibers and rifles. The kit comprises pre-programmed Barrett Ballistic PC Software (needs Windows XP or higher- Not directly compatible to MAC OS) and BORS USB data cable. So look no further. Explore Scopelist to avail exciting offers and Save Big! Buy now!