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The Zeiss Victory Diarange Riflescopes are unique in more ways than one. The premium Zeiss Optic range doubles up as integrated laser-rangefinders and have ‘innovative high performance’ written all over them. It takes into account sighting, measuring and aiming, and amalgamates them all into one process. It gives distance measurement that is crucial for long-range shooting and can be used to set bullet drop compensator. This makes the hunting session successful even when the conditions are extreme or distances are long.

Zeiss Diarange Laser Scopes are perfect for long range shooting. The user can select from three reticles in the 2nd image plane. The reticle positioning of this Zeiss rifle scopes series serves as an advantage as its size does not change when changing the magnification. Highlights of the Zeiss scopes are inclusive of integrated rangefinding with quick determination of distances (with a measuring time of 0.5 seconds only); measuring range of 10 yds to 999 yds; high measuring accuracy; high performing Carl Zeiss lenses; proprietary high performance T* multi-layer coating; low-light capability; intuitive and hassle-free operation; rail type system of mounting; and waterproof, shockproof and fogproof construction.

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