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Zeiss Stabilized Binoculars

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The Zeiss Stabilized Binoculars are a classic specialist for steady observation and not many stand a chance in front of it. Endowed with one of its kind mechanics and promising to deliver great optical performance, they are indeed what the hunting enthusiast would not like to miss out on. The binos render high magnification, even without a tripod, thanks to their technically superb image stabilisation. Highlights of the 20x60 T* S binoculars would not be complete without the mention of high-performance optics, terrific detail resolution at great distances, an elaborate and special glass lens construction, image stabilisation which doesn’t require battery power. In short, these Zeiss binoculars are quite suitable for secure aiming for long-range game; they bring about high degree of detail resolution and totally negate freehand observation trembles.