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Zeiss Conquest V4 Riflescopes

Zeiss Conquest V4 Riflescopes

Zeiss Conquest V4 Riflescopes series is synonymous with superior optics to cater to rugged hunting applications and different hunting methods. It sets a new standard in its class and boasts of impeccable quality, ruggedness and performance. Combining the exceptionally reliable Zeiss optics with a robust and functional design, the Conquest V4 line is furnished with a 4x zoom and a ballistic turret for wide reticle adjustment range. It is rounded off with attributes such as 4x zoom ratio, 30mm scope main tube, .25 MOA click values, capped windage adjustment, second focal plane (SFP) reticle configuration, big range of total elevation and windage travel adjustment, and ballistic reticle that can be individually adjusted to target distances and the user's requirements. Moreover, it’s functional mechanical parts ensure unparalleled reliability in situations that require quick reaction from the hunter.

The Zeiss Conquest V4 family of scopes is divided into Zeiss Conquest V4 1-4x24, Zeiss Conquest V4 3-12x56, Zeiss Conquest V4 4-16x44 and Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24x50 variants. While the Conquest V4 1-4x24 is suitable for short range hunting and moments when the hunter needs to rapidly take the shot, the Conquest V4 3-12x56 is apt for hunting from a blind at dusk as well as night. The latter’s large diameter lens and illuminated reticle brings on board extreme accuracy even in low light conditions. The compact Conquest V4 4-16x44 is equipped with a well-balanced zoom range and proves to be an all-rounder for medium range and long distance target acquisition. The Conquest V4 6-24x50, on the other hand, is offered with 24x magnification and parallax compensation, the combination of which renders this Zeiss Riflescope a specialist for precision shots from extended distances.

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