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Zeiss Conquest DL Scopes

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Zeiss Conquest DL Scopes

Zeiss Conquest DL Riflescopes series from Zeiss Optics is synonymous with contemporary shooting optics. It is especially crafted for challenging hunting conditions. Conquest DL acts as the consistent update of the Zeiss Duralyt concept, offering versatility and reliability. Highlights comprise modern multi-layer coatings, minimum target coverage and best visibility, precise repeat accuracy, robust construction and ‘Made in Germany’ quality. The Zeiss scopes are further complemented with attributes like wide angle field of view, secure eyepiece, LoTuTec coating, rubberized elements, anodized finish, incredible stability and operational convenience.

In addition to that, the Zeiss Conquest Duralyt Scopes’ offshoot comes with a fine reticle, which is located in the 2nd image plane. Its optimum image quality and target resolution is enhanced by a superior mechanism to make it the best Zeiss rifle scopes range in its class. Zeiss Conquest DL scopes are capable of rendering flawless performance in conditions ranging from -25 to +50°C. Available variants include Conquest DL 3-12x50, Conquest DL 2-8x42, Conquest DL 1.2-5x36, Conquest DL 3-12x50 Demo and more.

Zeiss Conquest DL General Features:

Phenomenal Image Quality

The Zeiss Conquest DL generates optimum image quality and target resolution with the help of contemporary coatings that pave the way for high light transmission levels. The wide angle field of view and firm eyepiece corroborate the same.

Target Coverage At The Bare Minimum Level

The Zeiss Conquest DL is available with illuminated as well as non-illuminated reticles that make certain target coverage is at the bare minimum level. The fine, and highly visible and reliable reticle options include the non-illuminated reticle 6 along with the illuminated reticle 60.

Pinpoint Repeat Accuracy

Precision is an integral part of any type of hunting situation and Zeiss Conquest DL Riflescopes’ strong construction and dependable mechanism ensures just that. Be it driven hunts or stalking, daylight or twilight hunting, stand hunting or hunting in intensive conditions, the strength of the Conquest DL overcomes it all. It can deliver precise repeat accuracy and secure function even in conditions ranging from -25 to +50 degrees Celsius.

New ASV Bullet Drop Compensator

Operating the Zeiss Conquest DL Riflescopes is now quicker and more accurate thanks to the inclusion of the new ASV bullet drop compensator. The calculated shooting distance can be fixed with centimetre precision with the help of the linear scale of 1 cm per click to 100 m. This facilitates precise aiming to offer greatest operating range at the time of hunting. The new ASV bullet drop compensator feature comes as an option for Zeiss Conquest DL 2–8 x 42 and Zeiss Conquest DL 3–12 x 50 variants.

Unique LotuTec Lens Coatings

The Zeiss Conquest DL comes with LotuTec coating for clear vision regardless of the weather. It makes cleaning the lens of the scope quite easy. The special coating ensures sure water runs off the lens and any kind of dirt is wiped off without a trace.

Manufactured In Germany

Zeiss Conquest DL scopes are made in Germany and that is one of the biggest factors that make it stand out from the crowd. This adds versatility, reliability and uncompromising quality to set new standards and satiate highest requirements.

Enhanced Ergonomics

Zeiss Conquest DL flaunts a highly ergonomic design to generate greater comfort and operational convenience even with the gloves on. Its improved ergonomic shape is juxtaposed with two non-slip, rubberised touch buttons with (Plus und Minus buttons options) to adjust the brightness securely and incessantly.

Contemporary Design With Compact Construction

The Zeiss Conquest DL scope’s modern layout is rendered with a black, anodised finish. It is inclusive of rubberised operating elements that lend complete control over the functions. The scope construction is that of solid aluminium, with lightweight and stable demeanor.

Convenient Ring Mounting

Zeiss Conquest DL rifle scopes have a 30 mm ring mounting system that allows them to be mounted on commonly known firearms and provides more options. As a result, the Conquest DL can be used with virtually all rifles in common use and mounting elements.

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