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Vortex Magnifiers

Experience enhanced aiming precision with the Vortex Magnifier series, a game-changer for shooting enthusiasts. The Vortex Micro6x Magnifier offers easy-on, easy-off functionality, seamlessly integrating onto rifles and extending the red dot range with its compact 6x optical system. Precision shooting at a distance has never been more accessible.

Taking versatility to the next level, the Vortex Micro3x Magnifier provides 3X magnification, enhancing red dot and holographic sight experiences. Its lightweight, ultra-compact design delivers sharp optics, ensuring clear visuals. Designed for right- and left-handed users, the magnifier's quick-release feature allows rapid attach/detach, enhancing user convenience. Compatible with all red dots, it provides a co-witness alignment for accurate aiming, empowering shooters in the field. Elevate shooting capabilities with the Vortex Micro Magnifier series, where ease of use meets exceptional clarity.

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