US Optics 5-25x58 T-Pal Riflescopes -
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US Optics 5-25x58 T-Pal Riflescopes

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US Optics 5-25x58 T-Pal Riflescopes help take the impossible shots. Also known as US Optics ER-25 or simply the ER-25, the series makes shots beyond 2,000 yards a success when paired with complementing caliber and rifle.

Offering sharpest image resolution across the entire magnification range, features of the US Optics scopes include 5-25X power magnification range, 58mm objective lens, Turret Parallax Adjustment Locater (TPAL) system, Erector Repositioning Elevation Knob (EREK) system, Dual elevation and windage rebound springs, 12-position illuminated reticle system, and reticle options like MIL, MOA and Horus.

All the parts of US Optics 5-25x58 T-Pal Riflescopes are machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum and hard anodized with matte black type III coating. While traditional turrets cease beyond 2,000 yards, ER-25’s EREK system increases gross elevation travel adjustment for greatest possible elevation adjustment. The rebound springs on the other hand, provide several years of dependable and error-free adjustments. Also in the offing are elevation and windage knobs, reticles, illuminated reticle modules and finishing colors that can be availed at an extra charge.