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One of the most important pieces of equipment for photography, digiscoping, or long range observation is a sturdy tripod. The fields of hunting, photography, and observation have no shortage of professionals who have experienced blurring or excessive movement when timing and sight picture really mattered. The problem becomes even more apparent when tripods are used during long exposure photography or digiscoping (taking pictures through a spotting scope), as the slightest movement during a long exposure can lead to a completely unrecognizable result. The simple truth is that even the best spotting scope or camera lens is wasted when fixed to a anything but a solid tripod and tripod head.

Modern tripods consist of many moving parts and have become more complicated and mechanical than their predecessors. Telescoping legs, telescoping center posts, and joystick heads are all moving parts, and with extended use in unfriendly conditions, these moving parts can fail. As a result, has done the research for you, and we only stock the best tripods currently available.

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