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Trijicon Huron Riflescopes
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Trijicon Huron Riflescopes

Trijicon Huron Riflescopes are variable magnification riflescopes that have been specifically manufactured to meet the needs of the North American whitetail deer hunters. These Trijicon hunting scopes are budget scopes that lets you invest in other hunting gears. The Trijicon Huron line of scopes come in 4 models: 1-4x24, 2.5-10x40, 3-12x40, and 3-9x40.

Trijicon Huron Scopes have ultra-light field-ready construction, edge-to-edge clarity, premium anti-scratch glass, sleek design, extra-wide field-of-view, uncluttered/easy-to-use/proven reticles for rapid target acquisition, easy-focus eyepiece, and amazing capped adjustments (crisp, precise and repeatable). 

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