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Trijicon Archery

Trijicon Archery Sight lineup is divided into AccuPin Bow Sight System and the ACOG XB Scope. The archery range is commendable as Trijicon AccuPin is a step forward in bow sight technology, design and engineering, and boasts of a triangular aiming tip and clear aiming pin as the star feature. Trijicon ACOG XB, on the other hand, is the initial high performance optic designed particularly for crossbows. Weighing extremely low, it is also the lightest magnified crossbow optic.

Trijicon Archery Sights are tough, error-free and reliable. Its single pin Trijicon AccuPin bow sight comes with field replaceable pin and adjustable mount. This system also incorporates Trijicon AccuDial mount and the BowSync technology. Its substantially variable transmission calls for exact range adjustment, synchronization for any bow / arrow combination and convenient on-the-fly adjustments. The compact, rugged and lightweight Crossbow Scope is based on the same platform as the traditional ACOG. Its reticle is rendered complete with bolt drop compensated stadia lines and equipped with an in-built ranging reference system. Both Trijicon AccuPin Bow Sight and Trijicon ACOG XB Scope of the Trijicon Archery range have the brand’s highly praised battery-free dual illumination system that makes use of fiber optic tritium for day and night illumination.