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Tikka T3X Rifles

Tikka T3X Rifles

The Tikka T3x Rifles lineup combines the experiences of the hunters and sport shooters from all over the world as well as the long-standing gunsmith expertise of the brand. Tikka T3x series comes with a new modular synthetic stock with interchangeable pistol grips, a new and improved asymmetrical grip, a new recoil pad technology, stock noise-reducing technology, a widened and redesigned angular ejection port, improved rail attachment, robust, metallic bolt shroud, and extra-strong steel recoil lug. Tikka T3x Rifle lineup is available in multiple variants. 1 MOA accuracy is guaranteed no matter which model you choose.

Tikka T3x Rifles are available in a wide range of models. Have a closer look at the different models of Tikka T3x Rifles on sale at Scopelist.

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