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Tikka T3 Rifles

Tikka T3 Rifles

Tikka rifles are rendered complete by two-stage safety, an action that is designed for accuracy, reliability and effortless servicing; a single-stage steel trigger; a light but solid stock; a cold hammer-forged Sako barrel; and single-column detachable clip magazine.

Tikka guns are built on a concept that is hassle-free and totally performance oriented. They boast of a Sako barrel that is made of top grade steel. Tikka stocks are designed with perfection, and made to offer steady and dependable platform. They are fine, lightweight and distinguished by the same accuracy that sets Sako rifles at the top. But the Tikka rifle series gets the edge because of a more competitive asking price that makes them an excellent choice for value-conscious hunters and shooters.

Tikka T3 Rifles lineup is inclusive of Left Handed Rifles like the left hand Tikka T3 Lite rifle. These Tikka T3 Rifles pave the way for a remarkable performance at the range or the forest for left hand shooters. They have the same features as the right handed versions.

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