Tikka Rifles

Tikka Rifles: Notorious for their exceptional action and accuracy, Tikka is responsible for some of the best out-of-the-box rifles widely available today. With endless aftermarket support and exceptionally smooth action, the T3x action is popular for both Hunters and long-range precision enthusiasts.

Tikka Accessories

Tikka offers a range of accessories tailored for their rifles, including optics mounts, gun cases with durable 600D synthetic fiber exteriors, magazines, slings, bipods, muzzle brakes, and cleaning kits. These accessories are designed to enhance firearm performance, provide secure storage, and offer customization options for Tikka enthusiasts.

NEW Sako 90 Rifles

The Sako 90 series, available in various configurations, exemplifies Sako's commitment to crafting exceptional firearms. At its core, each rifle in this series is built around the 90 Receiver, utilizing a unique broaching method to minimize contact between the bolt and receiver.

Hunting Rifles

Nothing beats the thrill of hunting with a rifle. You need a rifle that is accurate, reliable, and versatile. That's why we offer the best hunting rifles of 2024. Find your dream rifle today.

Hunting Scopes

Unmatched performance and clarity in our top-tier hunting scopes. Designed for discerning hunters, our scopes offer exceptional visibility, precise targeting, and rugged reliability, giving you the edge to conquer any challenge.

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