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Tenebraex for Vortex Razor HD Gen II

Vortex Razor HD Gen II riflescopes support multiple Tenebraex accessories for keeping different parts of the scope safe and secured. Tenebraex accessories can be used with all categories of Vortex Razor HD Gen II scopes - 1-6x24, 3-18x50, and 4.5-27x56.

Tenebraex accessories used on Vortex Razor HD Gen II rifle scopes include Vortex lens cover, Vortex flip up scope covers, anti reflective scope cover, Vortex scope caps, killflash ARD, adapter rings, and many more.

  • Tenebraex Kill Flash ARDs come with anti-glint capability, protecting lens on your riflescope from grime, dirt, and sand.
  • Tenebraex Flip Covers help in extending life of scopes when attached with Tenebraex anti reflection devices.
  • Tenebraex Adapter Rings help attaching Flip Covers and killFlash ARDs with scopes.
  • Buy Tenebraex Kill Flash ARDs, flip covers, and Adapter Rings from at best price. Look up to find exactly which Tenebraex accessory you want to buy for your Vortex Razor HD Gen II rifle scope.

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