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Taser manufactures smart weapons and body-worn cameras (innovative public safety technologies) for law enforcement. With evolving needs of law enforcement, technology behind the electrical Taser weapons also evolve. This makes the Taser Smart Weapons safer as well as more effective. Growing suite of technology solutions is defining smarter policing.

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Taser Requirements
Taser products may not be shipped to customers in Washington DC, NY, NJ, MA, RI, or HI. Customers in IL, MD, and MN must have Taser products shipped to an FFL for transfer. Purchaser must be 18 or older. Please see our shipping policy for details on purchasing Taser products.

Tasers are not considered a firearm and are legal for sale in 45 States. The states where tasers are not legal and the hand full of states that have laws governing their ownership are listed below.


  • A background check is required for sales in California and Florida.
  • A license to carry is required in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan.
  • Tasers are not legal for ownership in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Hawaii.

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