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Talley Manufacturing is a popular choice with gun and rifle owners. Not only does it show the difference that quality scope rings and mounts can make but also set the mark for outstanding quality in the firearms industry. The Talley line of products is divided into:

Talley Fixed Ring System

This ring set-up was developed from Talley Quick-Detachable System. It is made for shooters who opt for sleek-profiled non-detachable vertically split rings, and require secure ring set-up at an economical price. The rigid system incorporates bigger screws and zero moving parts. It is capable of enduring brutal of magnum cartridges, and makes use of double recoil shoulder base.

Talley Scope Ring Base

The Talley rings base is made in compatibility with Talley Quick-Detachable and Talley Fixed Rings. It is crafted from solid bar stock and made available to buyers after strict checking and rechecking by Talley. While its double recoil shoulder layout holds the riflescope with complete rigidity under abusive recoils, its overall design provides best fit to the firearm.

Talley Lightweight One-Piece Aluminum Scope Mounts

This one-piece CNC-machined mount is specifically made for 1-Inch scope tubes. Its rigid layout comes without any joint between the scope and the rifle. It keeps away chances of out of alignment interface and also prevents loose connection between the ring and the base of traditional two-piece designs. It is stronger than rival steel rings and bases, and lighter as well.

Talley Quick-Detachable Scope Rings

These Tally rings are popular for offering precise tolerances, repeatability, flexibility, strength and longevity like never before. They let the user remove and replace the scope with the assurance that it will return to zero. They also let him carry more than one pre-sighted scope for his weapon, and effortlessly remove the scope during the rough travel. The Talley rings are equipped with a single moving part for convenience, and a preferred choice of big bore, safari travelling hunters.

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