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Talley Aluminum Piece Rings

Talley Aluminum Piece Rings

Talley Aluminum One Piece Rings keep loose connections and misalignments at bay. Thanks to their unique rigid, unitized design, there are no joints between the scope and the rifle. They keep away chances of ‘out of alignment interface’ and also prevent loose connection between the ring and the base of traditional two-piece designs. This helps them provide repeatability and flexibility along with added strength and durability, for the quintessential sportsman.

The Talley One Piece Rings are CNC-machined on CNC-automated equipment and built on 7000 series alloy to render the lightest and strongest mount systems available to buyers. Besides, they are made to undergo stringent quality control to climb their way to the top of the scope ring industry. Some of the high points of these Talley rings include innovative one-piece construction where the ring base and lower portion is all one unit, low weight, precise tolerance, and a corrosion free nature under normal condition.

Top Features

  • Innovative one-piece construction
  • Unique rigid, unitized design
  • CNC-machined with 7000 series alloy
  • Corrosion free nature under normal condition.
  • Prevent loose connection ‘out of alignment interface’
  • Offer repeatability, flexibility, strength and durability

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