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Tactical Rifles

Tactical Rifles

Scopelist brings to you an extensive lineup of tactical rifles for sale from elite and trusted manufacturers. These rifles help defend the homestead and the country on various occasions and come in handy for mission-critical applications. Each tactical rifle is carefully hand machined to exact tolerances, incorporating proven gun-smithing techniques that result in unmatched precision.

Whether you are a civilian, law enforcement agency or a military entity, the variety of tactical rifles listed in this category will fulfill your specific needs. Ranging from .223, .556, .308, 6.8 SPC, to 6.5 Creedmoor, the end-user can decide what caliber will best perform for their mission. Legendary brands like Sig Sauer, Barrett, Armalite, JP Enterprises, and Christensen Arms all earn the tactical rifle designation on Scopelist.

  1. Sig Sauer MCX
  2. DDM4
  3. JP ent. Rifles
  4. Barrett Rec 7
  5. SIg m400
  6. Armalite ar 15
  7. Christensen ar 15
  8. Armalite ar 10
  9. Sig 716
  10. Christensen Arms Ar10

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