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Swarovski Z8i 3.5-28x50

Swarovski Z8i 3.5-28x50

Second to None

Extreme precision thanks to outstanding optics. Even at 28x magnification, the Z8i 3.5-28x50 P allows for perfect, uncompromising sighting-in, and the same applies to low magnification at short range.

Beautiful and Lightweight

The slim 30-mm (1.2-in) central tube blends seamlessly with any hunting firearm. In addition, the Z8i 3.5-28x50 P weighs just 665 grams (23.5 oz), making hunting less physically demanding.

Totally customized

The ballistic turret flex (BTF) means you always stay on target at your preferred range. The personalized ballistic ring (PBR) clearly displays all your relevant ranges, so that it takes just seconds to adjust it to the range you need.

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