Swarovski Z6 5-30x50 BT Plex SFP Riflescope 59910




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Swarovski 59910 Z6 5-30x50 BT Plex SFP Black Riflescope

The Swarovski Z6 5-30x50 BT Plex SFP Black Riflescope 59910 is a masterpiece of precision optics, ideal for shooters who demand excellence. Featuring a versatile 5-30x magnification range and a generous 50mm objective lens, it delivers crisp, clear, and bright imagery. The Plex reticle in the second focal plane ensures an unobstructed sight picture, enhancing rapid target acquisition for long-range shots. Built with utmost durability, it incorporates ultra-precise adjustment turrets and a patented 4-point coil spring system that maintains zero, even in substantial recoil. The riflescope also provides extended eye relief for added comfort during prolonged shooting sessions. The Swarovski 59910 Riflescope stands as a testament to Swarovski's commitment to precision, setting a new standard for shooters who seek the utmost in precision and reliability.

The Swarovski Z6 5-30X50 Riflescopes is a remarkable addition to the Swarovski Z6 product line, offering unparalleled precision and versatility for shooting enthusiasts. This riflescope represents the pinnacle of optical engineering and craftsmanship, making it a standout choice for hunters and competitive sharpshooters. The Second Focal Plane (SFP) design maintains the reticle's size regardless of magnification level, preserving the same point of impact for improved accuracy. One of the defining characteristics of the Z6 series is the availability of different reticle options. In the case of this model, shooters can choose from Plex, 4H, and BRH reticles, catering to diverse shooting preferences. The riflescope boasts an ultra-precise adjustment turret system that allows shooters to make minute adjustments to their point of impact. This system is complemented by the patented 4-point coil spring system, ensuring that the riflescope maintains zero reliably and effectively absorbs recoil shock, even when used with large-caliber rifles. Furthermore, the Swarovski Z6 5-30X50 SFP Black Riflescope offers extended eye relief, enhancing comfort and safety during shooting sessions. This feature is essential for those using powerful firearms. Overall, It's a top-tier choice for shooters who demand the best optical performance and reliability, setting a new standard in riflescope technology.

Available Swarovski Z6 5-30x50 Riflescope Models

Models Reticle Finish Ballistic Turret Turret Adjustment Product
Swarovski 59910 Plex Black Yes 0.7 MOA Swarovski Z6 5-30x50 BT Plex SFP Riflescope 59910
Swarovski 59918 4W Black Yes 0.7 MOA Swarovski Z6 5-30x50 BT 4W SFP Riflescope 59918
Swarovski 59919 BRH Black Yes 0.7 MOA Swarovski Z6 5-30x50 BRH SFP Riflescope 59919

Features of the Z6 5-30x50 Riflescope:

  • 5-30x Magnification: Versatile magnification range for various shooting scenarios.
  • Multiple Reticle Options: Offers Plex, 4H, and BRH reticles to suit different shooting preferences.
  • Durable Construction: Ultra-precise adjustment turrets and a patented 4-point coil spring system maintain zero and absorb recoil shock.
  • Extended Eye Relief: Enhances comfort and safety during shooting.
  • Exceptional Optics: Provides clear and detailed imagery, setting a new standard in optical performance and reliability.


Scope Weight:21.2 oz
Scope Length:15.55 inches
Magnification Range:5x - 30x
Scope Objective Lens Diameter:50mm
Scope Tube Size / Mount30mm
Scope Turret Adjustment:0.7 MOA
Elevation Adjustment25.2 MOA
Windage Adjustment25.2 MOA
Parallax Adjustment:50 yards - infinity
Reticle Position:Second Focal Plane
Reticle Details:Plex
Field of View:23.7 ft - 3.9 ft @ 100 Yards
Eye Relief:3.74 inches
Illuminated Reticle:No
Finish:matte black
Twilight Factor:14.1 - 38.7
Light Transmission:90%
Item Condition:New
Product TypeShop All Scopes
BrandShop All Swarovski Optik
Date First AvailableJune 30, 2013
Last UpdatedJuly 16, 2024

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