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Swarovski Z5 Rifle Scopes

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Swarovski Z5 Rifle Scopes

Swarovski Z5 Rifle Scopes

Brand Swarovski boosts its assemblage of scopes and introduces the phenomenal Z5 Riflescopes range in a lightweight package. They are specially built to render superiority and optical performance that comes second to none. The Swarovski Z5 rifle scope range achieves the feat many of its 1-inch counterparts fail to offer. The specifications include a broad 5x magnification range; the best part is that it does not compromise accuracy or optical clarity. It brings on board a ballistic turret, and the user can choose the ballistic reticle and side parallax in the available models. The reticle is located on the second focal plane. To sum it up, the stunning black and matte finish Swarovski Z5 Rifle Scope range summarizes what the weight-conscious hunter covets and delivers an amazingly high-quality optical sight. Great for mountain hunters and other breeds of shooters!

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