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Swarovski X5/X5i Scopes

Swarovski X5/X5i Scopes

X5/X5i Scopes is the newest edition to Swarovski Optik’s list of rifle scopes for long range hunters and shooters. It was launched at the 2015 IWA show, held in Germany. The long range expert takes it right to the limit and helps make the right estimate for a clean, quick kill. It sets new standards for accuracy and delivers an outstanding optical performance comes. The feature list is inclusive of 5x zoom, Subzero feature, spring retention system, lever system, recently designed turret and inversion systems, and a rugged construction with steel components. The X5i Riflescopes also have 80 clicks per revolution, Swaro coatings, multiple reticle options and the optional PXC personalized extreme cam (PXC) feature.

The spring retention system and turrets of the Swarovski scopes provide accurate impact point adjustment (of 1/4 or 1/8 MOA in terms of both elevation and windage) throughout the adjustment range, even in the most critical situations. The Subzero feature allows hunters and shooters to go below the sight-in distance to acquire close targets with precision. The optional PXC feature, available as an accessory, helps read shooting distances directly from the turret. It comes with the buyer’s custom ballistic information engraved on it and can be attached with ease.

The Swarovski X5 series offers intuitive operating attributes, repeatable precision, and reticle illumination that can be activated and deactivated as per requirement. Reticle options available with the Swarovski X5/X5i Scopes comprise BRM/BRM-I+, 4W/4W-I+, 4WX/4WX-I+ and PLEX/PLEX-I+.

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