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Swarovski X5/X5i 5-25x56

Swarovski X5/X5i 5-25x56

Swarovski X5/X5i 5-25x56 riflescopes offer an optical performance that reaches the highest limit. The scopes come with a 56mm objective diameter that renders them capable of gathering light and facilitating high light transmission levels. This in turn makes accurate shooting over extended distances, even in the poorest or low light conditions, highly achievable. They have an excellent twilight factor and 90% light transmission level. Swarovski X5i 5-25x56’s versatile magnification range of 5-25x adds to the hunting and shooting experience.

The high luminosity Swarovski X5 variants include the X5(i) 5-25x56 P L 1/4 MOA and the X5(i) 5-25x56 P L 1/8 MOA. They provide accurate impact point adjustment of 1/4 or 1/8 MOA in terms of both elevation and windage. The X5 5-25x56 P L 1/4 MOA comes with BRM, 4WX and 4W reticle options, and the X5 5-25x56 P L 1/8 MOA is combined with the fine PLEX reticle for target acquisition at the maximum distance.

Swarovski X5/X5i 5-25x56 riflescopes are known as the long range specialist, adding a new dimension to the meaning of accuracy. Some of the attributes that would be extremely helpful for long range hunting / shooting experts include 5x zoom, Swaro coatings, spring retention and lever system, 80 clicks per revolution, thick main tube walls, rugged steel components in the turrets, newly designed turrets and newly designed inversion systems. The scopes also feature the Subzero function for going below the sight-in distance and bringing down close range targets. Swarovski X5/X5i 5-25x56 lineup is ideal for extreme situations.