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Swarovski Range Finders

Swarovski Range Finders

Having been into precision quality glass production for several decades, Swarovski has seasoned its products with all that is essential for having absolute certainty on aiming at the target. Swarovski Laser Rangefinders take the cue from there and make the mix of possibilities, precision and reliability tangible than ever before. They combine optical quality, functionality and dependability for premium Swarovski Optik viewing and rangefinding experience. Products from the range include creations like Swarovski Laser Guide 8x30 Rangefinder which is an amalgamation of unparallel quality and laser range measuring technology.

Inspired by Swarovski Optik binoculars, the entire range is tailor-made to produce superb image quality and accuracy even when weather and light conditions aren’t encouraging, and the ranges are extended or long. Attributes include Swarobright coating, eye-safe class-1 laser, LED display, scan mode, twist-in eyecups, dioptric eye correction, tripod connection, waterproof integrity and more. While the display provides the ranges in yards and meters, the scan mode shows continuous target readings while scrutinizing the landscape. The Swarobright coating ensures improved levels of light transmission and the waterproof construction makes the device submersible up to 13 feet. The eyecups are adjustable. Furthermore, the Swarovski Laser Rangefinder lineup boasts of an ergonomic design and comes encompassed in a comfortable, compact, lightweight shell.

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