Stoeger XM1 PCP .22 Cal Suppressed Airgun w/Advanced Ergonomics Black Synthetic Stock, 4x32 Scope, Hand Pump 30409


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Stoeger’s devotion to excellence has let them to produce the XM1 air rifle. Unlike many air guns that use a break action or a manual pump action, this advanced pellet rifle utilizes an onboard pre-charged air reservoir. The XM1 can use either a single shot loader or a multi-shot rotary magazine (9 shots for .177, 7 shots for .22) with the pellets loaded into the chamber via straight-pull bolt action. This system of an air reservoir and smooth bolt action allows for multiple shots in rapid succession while retaining the same velocity. The XM1 also features an integral suppressor, making an already quite system even more silent.

In addition to its multi-shot capabilities, the XM1 features a distinctive, futuristic shape and style that provides exceptional ergonomics. The cheek pieces and pistol grips are also interchangeable, allowing the user to customize the rifle to their own preferences. These qualities come together to provide the ultimate shooting experience.

Features of the XM1

  • Hand pump included
  • Integral suppressor
  • Rotary magazine (9 for .177, 7 for .22)
  • Single shot adapter
  • Interchangeable cheek piece and pistol grips


Caliber:.22 (pellet)
Magazine Capacity:Single shot loader OR 7 shot rotary magazine
Item Condition:New
Product TypeShop All Airgun
BrandShop All Stoeger
Date First AvailableMay 11, 2021
Last UpdatedJune 20, 2024

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