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Steyr AUG A3/SA Tactical Rifle

Steyr AUG A3/SA Tactical Rifle

The Steyr AUG A3/SA Tactical Rifle is a modern, semi-automatic firearm known for its bullpup design, compact size, and versatility. It features a synthetic stock, a 16-inch barrel, and typically comes chambered in 5.56mm NATO. The AUG platform is celebrated for its accuracy, reliability, and ease of handling. It's suitable for various roles, including law enforcement, military, and civilian use. The "A3/SA" variant often includes features such as Picatinny rails for accessory attachment, making it adaptable for different mission requirements and shooting preferences. Steyr has a reputation for producing high-quality firearms, and the AUG A3/SA Tactical Rifle is no exception, offering a blend of innovation and performance.

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