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Steiner Red Dot Sights

Steiner Red Dot Sights lineup comprises Micro Reflex Sight (MRS) and R1X Reflex Red Dot Sight. The former is a 1x sight that allows users to engage targets with both eyes open to render broader peripheral vision, enhanced situational awareness and quicker response - aspects that are also important while engaging moving targets. The latter allows operators to engage a threat while staying aware of the surroundings, and brings on board expedited targeting, wider field of view and a fuller tactical picture than standard iron sights.

Steiner Micro Reflex Sight from the Steiner Red Dot Sight category comes with an easy to access and quick to aim 3 MOA red dot which encourages either-hand shooting accuracy and clarity of targets at extended distances. It weighs 70 grams, has a low-profile and is quite balanced on various shooting platforms, providing quickness, confidence and accuracy. The battery-ready Steiner MRS features include 1 MOA click adjustment, 45 MOA elevation adjustment, choice of automatic brightness control, auto-off function, hard-anodized finish, waterproof and shockproof body, and integrated screw mount that attaches to any Weaver or Picatinny rail.

Steiner R1X Reflex Red Dot Sight, on the other hand, is made in compatibility with patrol rifles and AR platforms. It brings down the ‘tunnel vision’ of hard-focus iron sights for faster target acquisition, improved accuracy and better situational awareness. It is compact, lightweight, easy to mount and operationally convenient, proving to be invaluable in the field. The parallax free Steiner R1X has 1x magnification, a low profile for co-witness capability, single dot /3-dot stadia reticle choices with selection button, 7 illumination levels, waterproof/ fogproof/ shockproof body, and standard (8501) and quick detach (8502) mount options.

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