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Steiner GS3 Scopes

Steiner GS3 Scopes

Steiner GS3 Riflescopes with their unique ‘game sensing’ ability base their performance on the revolutionary CAT (Color Adjusted Transmission) lens coatings. These coatings magnify contrast in the highest human vision sensitivity range to result in optimized contrast levels which in turn efficiently distinguish the game from its surroundings. So the user sets his aim on deadly certain images, properly exposed targets, and goes for clean and accurate shots.

Features of the Steiner GS3 “game sensing” scope consist of 5x zoom range that allows eastern whitetail country and western big game hunters to team up the scope with centerfire, rimfire or muzzleloader rifles, and a short mounting length of 5.4 inches for mounting on short actions, muzzleloaders or lightweight mountain rifles. The list is further supplemented with 30mm aluminum tube without welds or seams, waterproof and nitrogen filled construction, and Steiner’s legendary dependability to help render a promising performance, regardless of the firearm or the target.

Part of Steiner Hunting Scopes, GS3 Reticle options include Steiner Plex S1/S7 Reticle that assists in estimating holdover for distance and comes with cascading dots/lines to compensate for wind, and Steiner 4A Reticle that is useful for simple, uncluttered aiming.

The category includes:

  • Steiner GS3 4-20x50 is a dynamic choice for prairie dogs, big game or the bean field.
  • Steiner GS3 2-10x42 with its immense field of view makes finding the target easier.
  • Steiner GS3 3-15x50 mounts on most firearms sans extra-high rings and is apt for low light performance.
  • Steiner GS3 3-15x56 delivers sharp images at night as well as dim light for varmint and hog hunters.

Top Features

  • New 5x Zoom Range
  • CAT Color Adjusted Transmission
  • Steiner Plex S1/S7 Reticles or Steiner 4A Reticle
  • Short Mounting Length
  • Rugged 30mm Tube
  • Waterproof and Fogproof

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