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Sniper Rifle

Great quality sniper rifles have become essential for hunting, law & enforcement, and definitely military for taking down targets from long distances. No matter whether you are hunting a fierce carnivore, a beast, or enemy from long range distance, you always need sniper rifles for the perfect kill. These rifles come with monstrous fire power, deadly impact, and a gun with a sight. With the advancement in optical scopes and sights, you can transform any bolt-action, automatic, and semi-automatic rifle into a sniper rifle. You can choose your preferred sniper rifle from the authorized dealer of multiple gun manufacturers (Accuracy International, Sako, Blaser, and others) from Scopelist.com for hunting, long range targeting, combat operations, law and enforcement, and other purposes.

  • Hunting sniper rifles - are used by pro shooters who want to take down the beast from long range distance, say 700 yards, 1000 yards, or sometimes even more. However, short distance rifles are also used in hunting seasons for targeting animals at closer ranges. Some of the rifles used for hunting are M24 Sniper Weapon System, Remington 700, Mosin Nagant M44, .50 BMG (for taking down targets at 1500 yards), Mini-14, and other rifle types.

    Military sniper rifles - can damage morale of enemies by taking down key personnel and that’s too from long distances. They come with high durability, reparability, sturdiness, reliability, and serviceability, making them perfect for use in combat operations and adverse environments. They are comparatively lightweight devices that can be used by personnel with ease. Ammunitions used in military sniper rifles vary a lot too. Some of them are .338 Lapua, .300WM, standard M80 ball ammunition, M24 firing M118LR Special Ball round in 7.62x51mm, .50 BMG, MSG-90, semi-auto DMRs, German G3ZF, Russian SVD, and many more.

    Law and enforcement sniper rifles - have maximum accuracy level and are generally much shorter ranged than the military ones. Over penetration power is avoided in this rifle system because of their use in urban spaces. Remington 700 Police are very popular in this category.

    Buy Sniper Rifles from Scopelist.com

    Sniper rifles with great quality and precision for hunting are available at Scopelist. Check out the inventory at Scopelist and buy your preferred rifle. You can also Avail Make an Offer and Save Big program of Scopelist and save loads of money on selected brands.

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