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Sig Sauer Echo3 Thermal Reflex Sights

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Sig Sauer Echo3 Thermal Reflex Sights

Sig Sauer Echo3 Thermal Reflex Sight series is inclusive of the ECHO1 and ECHO1 Digital Thermal Sights. The ECHO1 is direct-view, rail mounted and built on contemporary thermal imaging, digital sight engineering, and conventional reflex sight usability. It offers exceptional performance even in complete darkness and dense layer of dust, fog, haze or foliage. Being the most advanced direct view thermal sight across the globe, it helps acquire the thermal signature of the target in a matter of seconds. The ECHO1 Digital, on the other hand, makes use of temperature levels to offer clear target imagery whatever the lighting condition is. It also works like a conventional reflex sight for rapid and intuitive target acquisition with enhanced situational awareness.

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