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Sig Sauer Spotting Scopes

Sig Sauer Spotting Scopes

Sig Sauer Spotting Scopes are the summation of industry-leading technology coupled with high-end optical engineering. They offer viewing experience that is at par with and sometimes more competitive than other spotters on the market. The range is inclusive of Oscar Spotting Scopes and used by several high-profile global military, law enforcement, and commercial users.

While Sig Sauer Oscar3 mini spotting scope is revolutionary, Oscar5 and Oscar7 spotting scopes are known for their mountable premium viewability. Oscar3 is handheld and endowed with advanced electronic image stabilization technology that fits in the palm of your hand. It comes with proprietary and gyroscopically stabilized SOS (SIG Optic Stabilizer) system to negate unnecessary shaking and vibrations. This ensures zero blurring of images even at increased magnification levels of the optics. It requires no tripod and features extended ranging capabilities for a full-size spotting scope performance. It is appropriate for applications such as backpacking, hunting, wildlife and sports observation. Law enforcement and military reconnaissance can also be catered to with the help of Oscar3.

Oscar5 is suitable for long distance observation that banks on a reliable, rock-solid spotter with bright and crystal clear optical clarity. It comes with an eyepiece that can be easily manipulated along with a focus knob to ensure quick look at the target. It also boasts of the industry-leading HDX optical design that amalgamates extra-low dispersion glass with high-light transmittance glass for greatest color clarity and image brightness, and superior resolution and image contrast. Oscar7, on the other hand, is one of the best performing spotting scopes on the market and perfect for long distance observation. It also has the industry-leading HDX optical design but amalgamates extra-low dispersion glass and high-light transmittance glass with an advanced triplet apochromatic lens system to offer utmost color clarity and image brightness throughout the viewing spectrum.

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