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Sig Sauer Pistol Sights

Sig Sauer Pistol Sights are small, high-contrast pistol sights that offer bright light and reliable performance regardless of the application (covering both work or sport). The range is inclusive of Sig Sauer X-Ray Pistol Sights that make target acquisition fast and intuitive under any lighting condition. The Sig Sauer X-Ray Pistol Sights are further divided into X-Ray1 Enhanced Day Sights and X-Ray3 Day/Night Sights.

The former is apt for pairing up with carry, sport and duty handguns. They are used with glare reducing rear sights to help keep the operator’s focus on the front sight. Their front sight comprises a long-lasting light pipe with a photoluminescent ring to offer a bright dot during the day and a glowing ring at dusk transition. In addition, the X-Ray1 is made up of steel housings to ensure longevity.

The latter is the synonym for 3-Dot Tritium System to produce remarkable glowing illumination in poor lighting conditions, and bright, white for daylight conditions. With blacked-out rear sight and high contrast front sight, the X-Ray3 facilitates quick and intuitive target acquisition and ensures the user doesn’t have to change sights from night to day patrols. Moreover, the sight is surrounded by steel for protection from recoil, cleaning solvents and harsh elements.

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