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Sig Sauer P220

Sig Sauer P220

The Sig P220 Pistol was designed for professionals who demand a dependable .45 ACP. From battlefields to street duty, this pistol is guaranteed to perform. The Sig P220 is available in several seperate versions in addition to the base model.

Sig P220 Pistol Models

  • Sig P220 Carry: Available in double action/single action or single action only, this concealed carry pistol is specifically designed for concealed carry, utilizing a 3.9" barrel and slide on a full size frame. All versions except the SAS include an accessory rail.
  • Sig P220 Combat: Combat-ready pistol available with or without threaded barrel.
  • Sig P220 Compact: Four versions combine different beavertail and accessory rail options. This is a near-identical copy of the P220 Carry with a more fitting compact frame.
  • Sig P220 Match: Single action only pistols with 5" barrel and slides, designed for accuracy.
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