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Sig Sauer Weapon-Mounted Lasers

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Sig Sauer Weapon-Mounted Lasers

Sig Sauer Weapon-Mounted Lasers, inclusive of Sig Sauer LIMA Weapon-Mounted Lasers, are the perfect upgrade to modern day sighting systems. The laser sights are low profile, state of the art weapons-mounted optics highlighting innovation and originality that renders the brand a market leader in multiple sections. They incorporate Sig Sauer’s Electro-Optics Technology with game-changing abilities for the military, law enforcement personnel, hunters, competitive shooters and all other types of shooters.

Besides, Sig Sauer Weapon-Mounted Lasers serve as excellent backup sights that are effective at intimidation and de-escalation, and as ideal companions for users with vision not suitable for using iron or red dot sights. The lineup takes into account compact, medium size laser grip modules in red or green.

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