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Sig Sauer KILO Rangefinders

Sig Sauer KILO Rangefinders are famous all over the world. They serve as a popular choice of several premier global military, law enforcement as well as commercial operators. Be it ranging speed, distance reached or accuracy achieved, not many can come close to the level of a Sig Sauer Rangefinder. They come with patented technology and are built to obtain convenient, hassle-free, intuitive and accurate target distance.

The list of Sig rangefinders for sale is inclusive of the KILO850 4X20 MM, KILO1250 6X20 MM, KILO2000 7X25 MM, KILO2200MR and KILO2400ABS. While Sig KILO 850, Sig KILO 1250 and Sig KILO 2000 are the simplest, fastest and most accurate laser rangefinders on the market, Sig KILO 2200 is a 7x25 mm laser rangefinding monocular for ranging up to 2 miles. Sig KILO 2400, on the other hand, is the world’s most advanced rangefinder that is capable of ranging up to 2 miles. Check them out and shop now to get the most reliable rangefinding results every time you are in action.


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