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Sig Sauer Electro-Optics

Sig Sauer Optics marks the beginning of the Electro-Optics Revolution. Developed by a team of elite and experienced engineers and electro-optic experts from across the globe, the optics incorporates elements for military, law enforcement personnel, hunters, competition users and all other types of shooters. In the offing are integrated platforms and intuitive designs along with attributes such as anti-reflective coatings, ballistic reticles, custom-calibrated adjustment turret systems and motion-activated illumination control systems to offer accuracy shot after shot.

Furthermore, the optics makes its way from a brand that is a complete systems provider and industry-leader in American innovation, originality and manufacturing. Sig Sauer offers firearms, ammunition, electro-optics, suppressors, airguns and training, and produces weaponry chosen by several top-ranking global military, law enforcement and commercial operators. All this is backed by innovation, technology, reliability and the Sig Sauer Infinite Guarantee, with the focus being on high quality and unmatched performance.

The range of Sig Sauer Optics is inclusive of Sig Sauer Riflescopes, Sig Sauer Red Dot & Reflex Sights, Sig Sauer Spotting Scopes, Sig Sauer Rangefinders, Sig Sauer Weapon-Mounted Lasers, Sig Sauer Weapon-Mounted Lights, Sig Sauer Thermal Reflex Sights and Sig Sauer Pistol Sights. Sig Sauer Binoculars and Sig Sauer Battle Sights are also part of the lineup.

Top Features

  • LockDown Zero System - A stop-locking turret that allows rapid return to Zero.
  • SIG Ballistic Turret (SBT) - A custom laser-etched elevation dial for Sig Sauer Electro-Optics riflescope, which is matched to the ballistics of the user’s shooting system. Available on most TANGO and WHISKEY models.
  • LevelPlex Digital Anti-Cant System - Incorporates an integrated digital level with cant indicators and allows removal of unwanted cant from the system to +/- 0.5° of accuracy.
  • Advanced rangefinder engine with Applied Ballistics.
  • Megaview revolutionary optical design - Offers massive Field Of View.
  • Stealth ID -Brought about by Electro-Optics industrial design, deflection armor trapezoidal surfacing, pistol slide serrations and grip checkering.
  • Solar-Powered Illumination System - To increase on-board battery to power-up illuminated reticles with ambient light load.
  • HDX - High Definition (ED) and High Transmittance (HT) glass for ultra-high resolution, optical performance and light transmission.
  • Lenshield - Proprietary Mil-Spec oleophobic coating to enhance visibility and light intake.
  • MOTAC - To power up illumination. Activated through motion sensing technology.
  • Proprietary SOS SIG Optic Stabilizer system- Gyroscopically stabilized to cancel out unwanted shaking and vibrations.
  • Truhold - Lockless zeroing system, making use of twin adjustment springs, to withstand handgun recoil and return to zero after each shot.
  • AMR - Ranging technology with on-board inclinometer.
  • Lightwave DSP - Digital Signal Processing engine, incorporating Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), and leveraging HyperScan advanced power management technique.
  • Lumatic- OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) advanced display with largest dynamic range.
  • Spectracoat - Ultra-wide broadband, efficient anti-reflection lens coatings to minimize reflections.

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