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Sig Sauer EASY6-BDX Riflescopes

Sig Sauer EASY6-BDX Riflescopes

The Sig Sauer EASY6-BDX Riflescope is a versatile and high-quality optic that delivers unparalleled accuracy, clarity, and precision. It features a versatile 1x to 6x magnification range, making it capable of engaging targets at close to medium range. The riflescope is integrated with BDX technology, which allows it to link up with compatible KILO BDX Laser Rangefinders and take into account environmental factors to create a ballistic solution in the form of an illuminated holdover point. Additionally, the onboard, user-configurable SmartBDC technology allows the user to take advantage of 9 ballistic groups and a Digital Focal Plane reticle that automatically scales ballistic solutions with magnification changes. The Sig Sauer EASY6-BDX Riflescope is an ideal choice for hunters, competitive shooters, and tactical professionals who demand precision and versatility in their optics.

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